Poor Recruitment Decisions

You’ve been there right? A business owner, a team leader, a manager, a Director.

You need to hire someone ASAP! – It’s important, It’s urgent, It’s imperative.

We found someone ! They are great. Good personality, can start on Monday !

We had a nice chat. They like dogs, I like dogs, they said they have good word / excel skills which is what we really need, but mostly, they are a good fit.


How much did you really LISTEN?

How much did you really PREPARE?

How much did you react to the fact that they were available to start straight away?

So what next?

They start the job, you allow them time to settle in, you have a probation period, time passes, they might not be as effective as you thought they would be, but give them time! They will get there. Plus, you don’t really want to ‘let them go’. They are trying to buy a house, so you don’t want to jeopardise that.


Biggest lesson in recruitment – Do not make it personal !

Let’s say you need to recruit an Office Manager.

Firstly, make the job description as clear and as concise as you can

Then, add the competencies to it that you need.

Then, add the qualities. Let’s say, they need to be able to negotiate with suppliers, meet deadlines, manage projects.

So you have your job description and you have your list of qualities you are looking for. The CV’s come in, you view them, you assess them, you get some candidates in for interview. What next?

  1. Tell me what makes you think you are the best fit for the job?

Answer; because I am motivated, a self starter, very organised and get on with everyone.

Can you imagine if the answer was…..

‘I dunno, but I know you like dogs and I like dogs and I think I will get on ok here. I won’t set the world alight and my excel is pretty basic, but I reckon I will like it here and I like going to the pub after work on a Thursday’

Hired !!!

So, here is the biggest tip I can give you when interviewing…. Do NOT make it personal. Do NOT hire someone, because they are like you.

You must resist the urge!

You must go against your instinct!

You must interview based on competence !


Give me examples of when you had to be organised? What did you do? What obstacles did you have to overcome? What did you do? What did you learn from it? What would you do differently?

Talk to me about projects you have had to manage? What did you do? What made it a success?


Test, test, test. Use your questions to ‘funnel’ to get to the detail. And then, this can help you rate them.

Put together a competency score rating if it helps, but have a template, have your questions prepared, be inquisitive in a non-intrusive manner.

44HR / 44Coaching can assist with interviewing and coaching in recruitment decisions and selection.

Final thought:

If you continually recruit ‘people like me’ – list the areas where you fall short ……. Times it by a team!

If you have the worst attention to detail but you are as creative as they come; who is going to pay attention to the details!

The cost:

Recruitment fees

Salary and benefits

Management time in training and managing poor performance

Maybe disciplinary action for performance

Dismissal – paying notice

Then you get to start the process all over again !

If you want to avoid pi$$ poor recruitment decisions – invest in the time and effort before you get there!